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In-app Purchase & Billing

I can’t see the shop or make an order

Didn’t get my order!

  • Please send us your ID and the receipt from Google/Apple. We will check for you.

Where to find my in-app purchase items?

  • After purchasing successfully, the package will be sent to your mailbox in game. Check your mailbox and tap Accept.

How to purchase the Booster Packs?

  • You can purchase the Starter Pack from level 1-30, Treasure Pack 1 from level 31-35, Treasure Pack 2 from level 36-40, Treasure Pack 3 from level 41.

Account matters

Lost account! How to get help?

  • If you already linked your account to Facebook, select “Log in with Facebook” on Loading screen to get back your progress. If you didn’t link your account, please contact us for further support.

How to link your game to Facebook?

  • In game, select ‘Setting’ then ‘Link Account’ and link your account to Facebook.

How to change garden name?

  • Tap on Experience Bar on the Top, then tap on Pencil button to edit your garden name.

How to reset the game back to level 1?

  • You can’t completely reset your game but you can create a new account by log out this current account then Log in with a new Facebook account to create a new one.

How to save your progress and play on multiple devices?

  • To save your progress, you need to link your account with Facebook. Then you can Log in with Facebook in other devices to continue to play.

How to change profile picture?

  • Your profile picture is synced with your Facebook profile picture. If you want to change your profile picture in game, please change your Facebook profile picture.


How to change game language?

  • Tap Option button on bottom left to open Setting. In Setting, tap ‘Language’ then select your language.

How to turn background music off?

  • Tap Option button on bottom left to open Setting. In Setting, tap BGM button turn off.

How to turn notification off?

  • Tap Option button on bottom left to open Setting. In Setting, tap Reminder button turn off.

How to turn sound off?

  • Tap Option button on bottom left to open Setting. In Setting, tap SFX button turn off.

How to turn vibration off?

  • Tap Option button on bottom left to open Setting. In Setting, tap Vibration button turn off.

Machines, Clouds and Decors

How to fix your machines yourself?

  • Tap on the Machine -> Information -> Repair Button

How to get the cloud unlock materials?

  • Repair friend’s machines to get cloud unlock materials randomly.

How to get décors?

  • You can get decors from completing Rabbit missions, Starter Packs, Treasure Pack, Lucky Wheel or attending In-game Events.

What will I get after placing 6 pots in a set on the same cloud floor?

  • Placing 6 pots in a set on the same cloud floor will active the special effect to decrease growing time or increase delivery bonus.

In-game Events

How to join in-game event?

  • In-game event will be unlocked at level 09. You can read the detail of each event at ‘News’ button.


How to join a Familia?

  • Tap on Familia House on the Right Screen, Select or Search a Familia to join them.

How to visit a Guild member or add them to friend list?

  • Tap on Green (!) Button on Familia then tap on Blue (!) button to see more about a friend and Add friend.

How to quit or disband a Familia?

  • Tap on Familia House on Right Screen, select Green (!) Button then select Leave Familia. Only Elder can disband a Familia.

How to calculate Familia Value?

  • In a list of 20 members sorted in descending Garden Value order, Familia Value is calculated by: 10 members with the highest Garden Value contribute 50% of their Garden Value to Familia Value. The remaining 10 members contribute 25% of their Garden Value to Familia Value.

Rabbit Mission

Can’t complete your mission?

  • Please contact us to provide your ID for further support.

Treasure Hunt

How to get more dices in Treasure Hunt?

  • The more gems you spend the more dices you receive.

Lucky Wheel

Can’t spin the wheel?

  • Try to exit game and enter again. If the problem is unsolved, please contact us to provide your ID for further support

Finn help

What are Coffee, Energy Drink and Bone Cookie used for?

  • Coffee is for reducing Finn’s sleep time, (-30 min/coffee). Energy drinks is for doubling the items Finn find. Bone Cookie is for Jake – Finn’s Dog to call Finn back ealier.

General Gameplay

How to get more Gems?

  • You can collect gems in many features: Wolf mission, Bunny chase, Lucky wheel, Magic dice, Daily gift, Mining, Fishing, Flying Dragon, etc

How to get more Gold?

  • You can collect gems in many features: Deliver orders, Royal Wagon, Sell items in market, Catch Bunny in friend’s garden, Mining, etc.

How to get more Hearts?

  • You can collect gems in many features: Dispatch Wagon, Fix friend’s machines, Catch Bunny in friend’s garden.

How to get the storage upgrade materials?

  • The storage upgrade materials will drop out randomly when you harvest your plants.

How to get White Net or Green Net?

  • In Shop, select Misc. to buy White Net and Green Net.

What is ‘News’ Icon?

  • In this ‘News’ icon you can explore all news about new functions, events and new update.

What is ‘World’ Icon?

  • Tap ‘World’ icon to open a wider world with more interesting functions awaiting for you.

What is Garden Value and how does it is calculated?

  • Garden value is calculated based on Pot value, Machine value, Decor value, Cloud floor value and Storage capacity. The stronger they are, the more point you get.

Where is Private Shop?

  • On the left screen, tap on the Boy is waving hand. The Private Shop shows items people are selling.

Deliver orders

How to change delivery friend (Owl, Bee, Dragon, …)?

  • To change deliver friend, tap on the Bird House on the right screen, select the pal you want

Sometimes the delivery friend return with no reward or doesn’t return at all?

  • Maybe the weak network causes this issue, please exit then enter game again.

Pot matters

Where to buy pot?

  • You can buy Clay pot at Shop -> Pot or you can get randomly a better pot by buying and opening a chest.

Where to see the pot upgrade system?

  • On the main screen, select Option -> Library to see the pot upgrade system.

    What are Clovers used for?

    • Clovers is used for increasing successful rate of upgrading pot. Hold on a pot, select Upgrade, you can add clover at the box below Success Rate Bar.

    Where to look for the list of Pot Set Special Effect?

    • On the main screen, select Option -> Library to see the Pot Set Special Effect.

Go fishing

How to start fishing?

  • At World Map, select the Bear. Tap on Wolf to start fishing, tap on the Yellow button when the line cross the green bar.

Go Mining

How to get Vials?

  • Use Magic Besom to sweep the dirty pots, the Vials will drop randomly.

Royal Wagon

How to know someone's Royal Wagon needs help in loading?

  • At the Private shop, tap on Wagon button next to the Market Button.

Chest house

How to open a chest?

  • To open the chest, you have to use the right keys. Join event or buy from shop to get Chest and Key.

Friends in game

How to get more friends?

  • You can get more friends by adding them on Facebook or Make Friend randomly at “Make Friend” tab.

How to update Facebook friends in the friend list?

  • After adding friend’s Facebook, press Refresh Facebook in Friend button on Right corner

Tips for beginners

More …

  • More useful tips for beginners are shared at our fanpage by our Gardeners. Please visit and join us!