How to visit a Guild member or add them to friend list?
While inside the Guild Hall, tap the "!" button next to the guild icon will open the member list. Next, tap the "!" of any person in the list to pop up a window. After that you can either tap on the avatar to visit their garden or just "Add Friend" them.
How to change delivery friends (Owl, Bee, Dragon, …) to another one ?
Open the Bird House locates on top of the Silo, then just switch to any available bird.
How to change garden's name ?
Tap on the EXP bar on middle top of the game screen, you will see your garden's name. There's pen icon next to it, tap on it to edit.
How to change game's language ?
Open the Options, drag it all the way to the right you will see the Settings button. You can change the language in it.
How to change profile picture ?
The game uses your social network account's profile avatar. Change it then the game will automatically update.
Where to see the upgrading pot process ?
Tap on Option button, on the left of the screen, Choose Library to look the upgrading pot process
What is the World Icon on the left of the screen ?
Tap on “World” button to enter the world where have many lands waiting for your discovery.
What is the News Icon on the left of the screen ?
In this section, You can find the latest notice about game, Event, Update, Place..v..v
What is the Cloud Icon with number on the right of the Cloud Floor ?
In this section, You can find the Effect figures of the pots at cloud floor. Tap on the icon to see more about the available Effect.
What are Daily Gifts ?
Daily Gift is Gift that you are received once time a day in the first login everyday. Login continuously in 7 days, you will receive Special Gift on Sunday
What are Coffee, Energy Drink and Bone Cookie used for ?
– Coffee is used to decrease sleeping time of Finn, each Coffee will decrease 30mins sleeping time of Finn.
-Energy Drink is used to double items Finn find at once time.
-Bone and Cookie is used for Finn’s Dog to find Finn come back immediately.
How to turn Vibration off ?
Tap on Option button, on the left of the screen, drag to the right choose Setting=> Tap on “phone” icon to turn off vibration
How to open a chest ?
To open Chest, tap on store containing chest at the middle of the screen => Tap on chest you want to open. Note: Only the exact key can open the chest. (Wooden Chest needs 1 Carrot Key/ Bronze Chest needs 2 Carrot Keys and Gold Chest needs 1 Cat Key. )
How to make a product ?
Tap on a machine, drag the desired product to the queueing slots to start production and wait.
How to join a Guild ?
Tap on Guild Hall to see a list of suitable Guild suggestions. After that, tap on your favourite Guild to request to join. Remember to meet that Guid’s requirements.
How to quit or disband a Guild ?
Tap on Guild => Tap on “?” the button below the “Search” button =>Tap on Leave to quit Guild/Disband to delete that Guild
How to turn notification off ?
Tap on Option button, on the left of the screen, drag to the right, choose Setting=> Tap on ” Reminder” icon to turn off notification
How to turn background music off ?
Tap on Option button, on the left of the screen, drag to the right, choose Setting=> Tap on “music note” to turn off the music
How to purchase the Treasure Pack?
For the Treasure Pack to appear, you need to buy the Starter Pack first. They share the same location.
How to catch a fish?
Tap on the Pond (remember to buy some baits first) to start fishing. After a short while, a gauge bar appears. You just need to tap on the fish button under the gauge bar at the right moment when the moving cursor is within the green zone.
How to know which player’s Royal Wagon need loading ?
On the left of Shop, Tap on small notice, move to Royal Wagon tab to check box demanding help
How to know which gardens have broken machine ?
Tap on Friend Button at the below the screen, the “!” will appear at the gardens having damaged machines.
Why does delivery friend not come back or come back without rewards?
In this case, game is lag so money and exp don’t appear. Please try to exit game and open again.
Where to have a look at Special effect of each Set pot ?
Tap on Option button and on the left of the screen tap on Library button
How to save my Game Account on the cloud and play on multiple devices?
To save game account, you need to link game with your Social Accounts to save your data on that. And then, you just login the Social Account to continue to play on multiple devices
What will I get if 6 pots in a set are placed on the same cloud floor ?
When you place 6 pots in a set on the cloud floor, the effect of set pot will be activated on that floor. If there are 6 different pots in set the Effect will reach maximum.
What is Garden Value and how to calculate it ?
Garden Value is sum of Pot Value, Machine value, Décor value and cloud floor value.
What are Clovers used for ?
Clover is used for increasing % success in upgrade pots. When you upgrade pots, the upgrading screen will appear with successful rate box below. Tap on rate box, drag Clover to use for upgrade.
How to update Facebook friends in the friend list ?
After adding other Facebook’s players, you have to tap on Refresh Facebook with the full mode friend list to update your friend list.
How to send a support ticket ?
Tap on Option button on the left of the screen, drag to the right and tap on “girl having headphone” button.
How to reset game to play at level 1 ?
-If you have linked your game with Facebook, It’s very simple to use Social account to start a new Game.
-If you have not linked your game with Facebook yet, please find and delete VNG folder of the game in your File manager app, then restart the game.
How to move or store a pot ?
-When the pot is empty, tap on barn icon to store pot.
-To move pot, tap, hold and drag pot to the place you want.
How to link the game with Facebook ?
Tap on Option button, on the left of the screen, drag to the right, choose setting => choose Link account to link game account with Facebook
How to know what player’s Private Shop are selling ?
On the left of shop, tap on small noticed board to find what other players are selling.
How to get Vials ?
Using Magic Besom to sweep frozen/ dust pots, vial will drop
How to get storage’s upgrade materials ?
Storage’s Upgrade Materials will drop when you harvest trees
How to get more Hearts ?
Do Wagon, repairing neighbor’s machine, catching bunny from neighbor’s garden
How to get more Gold ?
Do orders, Wagon, selling in market, catching bunny from neighbor’s garden, Mining
How to get more Gems ?
There are many ways to get Gems: Doing Wolf’s mission, Daily gift, catching bunny from neighbor’s garden, Mining and fishing …
How to get more dices in Treasure Hunt ?
Just use some Gems. The number you spent will accumulate eventually and grant you another dice.